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What they use to just do and just done it to me,
they doing it directly to all yall now, doing it
and doing it and doing it to the world.

Shoot and cut and smash my head in,
take me to the river, sink me down –
you call that religion? Yeah, yeah!

It hadn’t of been for my mother bring
my busted body back up to Chicago and let
Jet get pictures for the world to look at,

nobody would of known. I’m long time gone.
Nowadays wouldn’t be no way I’d get to say
this on television, no way yall would even see

a picture of me. Do yall even know who this is
talking to you? This is Emmett Till. I died
and died and died. Soon as yall figured

America was saved, here come Guantánamo
and Abu Ghraib. Here come greed and
here come grief. The Thief of Baghdad

make they own commandments. Geronimo,
wouldn’t of paid them no mind. What you think
they might pull next? Talk to me. I been done died.

Al Young
Copyright © 2008

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