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Edna Froehlich
December 23, 1914-October 23, 2008,
beloved neighbor and landlord

“You’ve got too many zippers,” she told me,
observing my bag search to find a pen
when it came time to sign. Edna could see
and did see everything. She smiled, and then
she handed me her pen. I drew my breath.

Respect for others? Edna wrote the book
down to the last detail, from births to death;
she kept things straight. With just one look
she sized you up, then let her heart take charge.

For Edna fair was fair, and wrong was wrong.
A stopped-up sink, a roof – nothing too large
or small for her to fix. She took the long
approach, the route that worked. She loved her A’s,
her Chardonnay, her progeny. Sing praise.

Al Young

© 2008 Al Young



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