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A Whole New Moon | © Al Young

I have borrowed the title for this cycle of photos from a 1968 book by the late Manhattan poet Joseph Ceravolo, recipient of the very first Frank O’Hara Award. Like the season itself, Spring in This World of Poor Mutts still makes me sigh. Read Jim Ceravolo’s remembrance of his father and how these poems still link the two of them by heart.
—  A.Y.


Poppy | © Kathy Sloane


A Kathy Sloane Spring

All photographs subject to copyright restrictions


Spring Garden


Trillum and Wood Sorrell at Muir Woods


Blue Heron


Spring Stretch (Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most)


Woman Rising


Poppy (Shameless Hussy)

All photos in Kathy Sloane’s Spring © 2009 Kathy Sloane



At San Francisco’s Chadwyck Dolby Gallery Al Young reunites with Katayoon Zandvakili, his former Squaw Valley workshop enrollee, whose memoir appears in Persis M. Karim’s Let Me Tell You Where I’ve Been: New Writing by Women of the Iranian Diaspora. The occasion was a fundraiser benefit reading for Saint Mary’s College MFA Creative Writing Program. | Photo: Mark Cohen


Carroll Peery interrupts his nightly game of scrabble at Caffè Mediterraneum to greet Al Young, a former performer at the Cabal, Berkeley’s legendary folk music club, where Al performed regularly between 1962 and 1965. Towards the end, Peery owned and managed the Cabal, founded by Debbie Green and Howard Ziehm.
Photo: Carl Martineau


Al Young, Bobby Theseeker, and Diane Di Pisa at the March opening of Berkeley in the Sixties, an exhibit of black and white photographs of Berkeley’s lively Telegraph Avenue denizens taken by the late Elio Di Pisa, who managed the CaffĂ© Mediterraneum from the 1960s through the 1990s.
Carl Martineau


Official opening for exhibit of Elio Di Pisa’s Berkeley in the Sixties photo show at the Med.   | Al Young


Photo: Al Young

Elio Di Pisa’s portrait of  the late Joe Agos, who frequented the CaffĂ© Med from its inception. Ethiopian-born, Joe — a pleasant, pensive man — spoke fluent Italian. As a youthful frequenter of the Med in the early 1960s, I remember the fiery, vibrant conversations that Joe regularly got into with cafĂ© owners Elio and Gianni.


Lynn Jehle, Marc “Moose” Silber, and George Pappas bask in an impromtu spring serenade served up by Esteban Bello (Stephen Bell) at Berkeley’s French Hotel in late March of 2009.  | Carl Martineau


Easter offering from North Carolina |  © Vivian Torrence

al-toni-22 Photo © Ginger Bennett Griffin

Al Young with novelist and astrologer Antoinette May at the Gold Rush Writers Retreat in Mokelumne Hill, the heart of California’s Gold Country, in early May of 2009. In the 1970s and 80s, before computers became common, the two prolific writers shared the same superb typist: Joye Crespo, who never hesitated to voice her personal opinion on manuscripts she was hired to type.


© Ginger Bennett Griffin

With poet Sally Ashton (co-founder of Gold Rush Writers Retreat), who edits DMQ Review, and teaches writing and literature at San José State University.



Click on the picture-frame to view an old-fashioned photo-collage (assembled by Diem Jones): Al Young with such friends and acquaintances as Toi Derricotte, Ernest J. Gaines, Lawson Fusao Inada, Wallace Stegner, Nikki Giovanni, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Amiri Baraka, James D. Houston, Jane Hirshfield, Quincy Troupe, blues great Charles Brown, Ishmael Reed, Elmaz Abinader, John Handy, Dana Gioia, and Wynton Marsalis



  1. Antoinette May Says:

    What absolutely gorgeous nature pictures. They restore my soul.

    Scrolling to the bottom brought a fun surprise and pleasant memories.

  2. bflaska Says:

    How wonderful to see that photo of Carroll Peery! He’s still in his groove. He was quite renown for his unofficial humanitarian work on the Avenue and still highly regarded for his great spirit by all who remember him! Seeing him at the table in this photo really made my day, and allowed me to consider all the good things that came out of (no word for it really) the maelstrom.

  3. Al Says:

    Yes, Carroll still keeps his smile and spirit up. An avid scrabble player, he plays nightly at the Med on Telegraph. I’ll see to it that he reads your message. I thank you.

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