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La Tigresa and The Tongues of Flame perform at Taste of Rome in Sausalito, California.

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“What gives this book of La Tigresa (Dona Nieto) its real power … comes … with the genuine relationship the Tigress has with nature’s gifts: insects, rocks and the moon. I’ve never read a poet … who could evoke so much from an encounter with a butterfly! … with a charm that is unforgettable.”
–Jack Hirschman, San Francisco poet laureate emeritus

“In its passionate embrace of sensuality and society, the poetry of La Tigresa (Dona Nieto) purrs and growls, but rarely meows. [She] knows what she’s doing as she plugs touch back into every page — along with voice, heart, gut and every other sense … La Tigresa celebrates the body electric and the body politic with sheer pleasure, devotion, intuition and wit … In her stand-up presence, under her spell, you smile, recognizing the underlying question that drives these poems in which corporate and human agendas collide.”
— Al Young,
California poet laureate emeritus


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