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CAVE CANEM RETREAT Application Deadline ~ January 31, 2010




The application deadline for the 2010 Cave Canem retreat is coming up on January 31, 2010.

When: June 20-27

Where: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Faculty: Toi Derricotte ~ Cornelius Eady ~ Colleen J. McElroy ~ Carl Phillips ~ Claudia Rankine ~ Ed Roberson

Guest Poet: Sapphire

Visiting Poet: Brenda Cárdenas, sponsored by Letras Latinas

Deadline to Apply: January 31, 2010.

Application Guidelines

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20 Jay Street, Suite 310-A, Brooklyn, NY  11201
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  1. Alan King Says:

    “Photo Exhibit Showcases Black Poets” Please read it at

  2. Al Says:

    Dear Alan King,

    I have visited the elegant Black Poets photo site you’ve posted. It looks beautiful.

    Al Young

  3. Alan King Says:

    Thank you, Mr. Young

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