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DANIEL SCHORR (1916-2010) — In Memoriam


“It was Daniel Schorr’s lucidity that regularly made me crank up the volume when I heard his voice at NPR. Not only were his commentaries caringly researched and clearly thought-out, his news analyses often clashed with NPR’s smooth pro-Pentagon line. Schorr was one of the last broadcast journalists who consider facts and evidence in filing a report or voicing an opinion. He was and remains a treasure.” — Al Young

Daniel Schorr

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• Journalism Legend Daniel Schorr Dies At 93
by Alan Greenblatt

Dear Listeners:

Here at KALW, we’ve just received the news that longtime NPR News analyst Daniel Schorr died peacefully this morning in the company of his family, at age 93.

Daniel Schorr was not only a well-known voice to public radio listeners, he was an important figure in the history of
American journalism.  In the words of NPR CEO Vivian Schiller:

“It’s impossible to overestimate Dan’s impact on journalism – from his early days working with Edward R. Murrow, to the founding of CNN, to the last 25 years as NPR’s news analyst, a familiar and beloved voice to millions of listeners. Every one of us who happened to see Dan coming in to work — walking a little more slowly with time but with a razor-sharp wit and warmth that never dimmed – learned a lesson in the dedication, determination, and integrity that it takes to be the best. He was.”

KALW will broadcast NPR’s memorial special on the life and career of Daniel Schorr this evening at 6pm.  And tomorrow morning on Weekend Edition, Scott Simon will give his remembrances of Schorr.

You can learn more about Schorr’s career and post your recollections of his work at the Daniel Schorr tribute page at

Matt Martin
General Manager, KALW


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