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PARSHCHIKOV READINGS: St. Petersburg and Moscow, September 16-21, 2010


Click here to view photographs and commentary in Russian from the St. Petersburg reading (posted by Darlene Reddaway 1 October 2010


SAINT PETERSBURG: September 16 & 17

MOSCOW: September 19, 20 & 21


Arkadii Dragomoschenko Vadim Mesyats Leonard Schwartz
Michael Palmer Andrew Wachtel Aleksandr Davydov
Al Young John High Nils Peterson
Ed Foster Vladimir Aristov Diem Jones
Darlene Reddaway Aleksander  Skidan Pavel Zhagun
Helga Ol’shvang Andrei Tavrov Stanislav Libovskii
Aleksander Ilichevsky Igor Ganikowskij Tatiana Scherbina


St. Petersburg Sept. 16,13:00 American Corner
Round Table: Meta-realism

St. Petersburg Sept. 16, 19:30 American Corner
Poetry Readings

St. Petersburg Sept. 17, 13:00 American Corner
Round Table: Image in poetry and photography

Moscow Sept. 19, 19:30 Club «Bilingva»
Round Table: Parschikov’s “Oil” in filmic images

Moscow Sept. 20, 13:00 Chekhov Cultural Center
Round Table: Organic and inorganic in poetry

Moscow Sept. 20, 19:30 O.G.I.
Poetry Readings

Moscow Sept. 21, 13:00 Chekhov Cultural Center
Round Table: Problems of poetry translation

Moscow Sept. 21, 19:00 RAN
Farewell evening

Russian Gulliver Publishers,
Institute for Modern Literature,
Santa Clara Moscow Sister County Commission,

American Corner of the Maiakovskii Library


Vadim Mesyats, Darlene Reddaway

Preliminary schedule


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