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The upper Truckee River in winter
Courtesy Dan I. Slobin Archives

Gigging since mid-20th century: Al Young at piano, age 16; Detroit, Winter 1956


Photo: Joyce Jenkins

L-R | Contributors Geri Digiorno, Michael McClure, M.L. Liebler, Al Young, Sue Doro say cheese to more than one camera at Diesel|A Bookstore, Oakland, following a reading for WORKING WORDS: Punching the Clock and Kicking Out the Jams (Coffee House Press), 16 January 2011


Photo: Al Young

Sunset bridge (Oakland-SF Bay Bridge shot from Skates on the Bay, Berkeley Marina, early January 2011)

Al Young

Slow fade to the Berkeley Pier at sundown


A Glacial Night in January Warmed by Sunset Poetry

Courtesy still from Sausalito Art Gallery slide show

Studio 333 at 333 Caledonia Street, Sausalito, CA 94965 | Click here to view poetry events at Why There Are Words

Photo: Zelda

L-R | Indigo Moor, Dona (La Tigresa) Nieto, Al Young, host/emcee Martin Hickel, Tracy Wynn, Giovanni Singleton (back to camera), Gini Savage, Adam David Miller

Photos: Al Young

Photographer Bill Klemens kindly repairs Al Young’s eyeglasses for the evening reading | Zelda (Suzanne Becker) all set and ever-ready to shoot up the night with her light


Writer/therapist Katie Amatruda and Al Young

Al Young

La Tigresa in sacred idiom

© Zelda

Poets Indigo Moor, Dona Nieto (La Tigresa) and Al Young featured at Studio 333’s Sunset Poetry series in Sausalito, CA, 5 January 2011


Photo by Waitress

Painter Elizabeth Hack, creator of the blog Peace, Hope & 9/11: Voices from San Francisco, web designer Niya Sisk, and contributing poet Al Young meet in Oakland’s Rockridge district on a December Saturday to discuss the site’s new format and look.


December 21, 2010
Winter Solstice and a total lunar eclipse converge for the first time in 372 years.

The total lunar eclipse of Y2K 2000


December 20, 2010
Photographs of the December 21, 2010 lunar eclipse taken by novelist Joanne Meschery as she watched it from her valley home in the High Sierras.

© Joanne Meschery

The northeastern side of the novelist-photographer’s High Sierras valley, looking towards Reno


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