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CANARY: A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis ~ Winter 2010-11


Behold  the original

A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis

Editor, Gail Entrekin

Published by Hip Pocket Press
Managing Editor, Charles Entrekin
Art Editor, Carol White

All work reprinted by permission of author

“The canary in the coal mine” was a primitive early warning system used by miners to alert themselves to poison gases seeping into the mines. If the canary was found dead, it was time to get out quick. As a metaphor, its significance for me includes not only the salvation of the humans, but also the casual loss of the canary, that fragile and innocent bird with its lovely song, sacrificed without a passing regret. So often the poets of a culture are the canaries, the first ones to be hurt by trends so large that they are not immediately visible. This time the poets are raising our voices on behalf of the natural world, which cannot articulate its plight.  We must stop destroying the natural world. We are destroying ourselves.

Issue Number 11, Winter 2010-11


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