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Cairo women, Tahir Square 2011

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Robert Fisk on the Arab Spring at

Arab Spring at

In a November 2007 BBC interview, before her own assassination, Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto spoke with the BBC’s David Frost about Osama bin Laden’s death

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Photo: BJ Tierney

Al Young in surprise celebration of his 72nd birthday at Caffè Trieste, Berkeley, where he went to hear the Randy Craig Quartet. When the band struck up “Happy Birthday” and vocalists Katie Perry and Danielle Thys, the photographer’s daughter, pointed out the poet and led the crowd in song, he knew he’d been found out. The scores of birthday greetings showered upon him by email, snail mail and voice mail continue to touch him deeply.

Photo: Danielle Thys

Photographer Barbara J. Tierney and Al Young: long-time email pals meeting for the first time in real-time.


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Thai Customs officer shows an Indian Roofed turtle on his hand during press conference at Customs Department in Bangkok on June 2, 2011. Thai Customs Department seized 451 of turtles and gharials worth more than 1,000,000 bahts ($33,333 USD) upon the shipment’s arrival in the country. (Canada’s National Post)

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Magenta Bowl and Silver Moon


compassion begins at home

© Susan Slapin
© Susan Slapin
© Susan Slapin

Peace Blessings Gratitude

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An orderly orchard nest of praying mantises (mantis religiosa) springs to life in North Carolina

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Spring lizard


Photo: Firehouse Theater

Al with Nancy and Richard Bartholomew, old friends, at the 4th Annual Pleasanton Poetry, Prose & Arts Festival, late March 2011


Cellist-composer Clovice Lewis with Al Young at Galilee Lutheran Church in Kelseyville, CA right after  Spring Awakening, a benefit performance for KPFZ-FM, Lake County’s community radio station

Poets Rafael Jesús González, Sandra Wade and Al Young in post-concert pose, Lake County, CA, April 2011


Photo: Josie Talamantez

Al Young and Malissa Feruzzi Shriver, two of five judges for California’s Poetry Out Loud 2011; photographed March 20 at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento, where Round One of this year’s recitation competition took place.

Photo: Al Young

Josie Talamantez, Chief of Grant Programs, California Arts Council



Sally Ashton, newly appointed poet laureate of California’s Santa Clara County

Melinda Cervantes   | Alan Soldofsky   | Diem Jones

Al Young

Celebrating poet Nils Peterson at San JosĂ© State University: Melinda Cervantes, Santa Clara County Librarian and 11th Senate District Woman of the Year, at the podium; seated behind at her left: poet-producer and host Alan Soldofsky, SJSU’s Director of Creative Writing; to her right: poet/musician co-host Diem Jones, Deputy Director of Arts Council Silicon Valley | Click here or directly on image to magnify

Al Young

Nils Peterson

… A phone rings – a barista calls out

‘Tall vanilla soy latte.’

Strange talk to one who grew up

with a nickel cup of joe.

There are fewer and fewer

native speakers of one’s born language.

You learn to live with translations.

from “Coffee Shop in the Late Afternoon” | © Nils Peterson

Nils Peterson, Santa Clara County’s poet laureate emeritus, addresses an audience gathered at San JosĂ© State University’s Student Union Ballroom to celebrate his life and work | March 18, 2011

Al Young

On a rain-crazed night in San JosĂ©, Nils Peterson and cohorts regale the poet’s dining admirers with a mini-concert of barbershop quartet favorites at Flames Eatery & Bar.


CNN’s responds to Gadhafi and fiery conflict in Libya

Photos: Al Young

A wet spring Saturday night, I Street, downtown Sacramento


Courtesy photo

Photos: Al Young
© Catherine Bowen Stern

La Tigresa (Dona Nieto) (top) tripping on the poetry of Arthur Sheridan (below) at the monthly poetry bash he produces at A Taste of Rome in Sausalito, CA


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