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SAN FRANCISCO PEACE AND HOPE: Berkeley Artist Elizabeth Hack’s Inspiring New Online Journal

Monday, April 4th, 2011


Design: Niya C. Sisk

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
— Mother Teresa

Newly reborn, Elizabeth Hack’s inspiring website – San Francisco Peace and Hope — takes its cue from the way we breathe. Inhale, exhale; one breath, one death – the two go together like sleeping and waking, or time and eternity. What dissolves? What lasts? “There is no ahead,” the ancient poet Rumi whispered, reminding us that the only time we have is now. As stubbornly as we rewind or fast-forward to access a remembered past or an imagined future, we experience nothing ongoing until we hit play, which always brings us home to the moment unfolding. Deathless truths, a.k.a. eternal verities – forever arousing, ever virginal – get transmitted and recycled by way of poetry, storytelling, painting, sculpture, music, drama and dance. With this first breath, everything begins. For an instantaneous down-to-earth take on peace and hope, ask any baker of sourdough bread about starters. As we may label every episode in life chapter one, so every post to this elegant, survival-loving site will always seem the first.

fragment from One Two-Step Foreword by Al Young

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Al Young, California poet laureate emeritus

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Elizabeth Hack

Elizabeth Hack, Niya C. Sisk, and Al Young. December 18, 2010

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SPRING AWAKENING: A Benefit for KPFZ-FM, Lake County, CA Community Radio

Friday, April 1st, 2011


spring awakening festival

a benefit for kpfz | 88.1 fm

saturday april 2, 2011

2-5 pm

8860 soda bay road, kelseyville, ca 94551

Al Young ||Clovice Lewis ||Rafael Jesús González||| Clive Matson

california poet laureate emeritus

Al Young


Clovice Lewis


Rafael Jesús González

Clive Matson


poetry, local artisans, refreshments, jazz

produced by Sandra Wade

lake county poet laureate emerita

tickets $10 advance/$15 door
also available at
Watershed Books | Lakeport

click for directions