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Friday, July 1st, 2011
Photo: Al Young

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Al Young

Cool fog with moody sky and setting sun reflect on the Berkeley Hills | late August 2011

Al Young

Al Young

Berkeley’s historic Captain Charles C. Boudrow House sits around the corner and two doors down from Al’s baroque digs. Anecdote has it that the good captain, once he retired, loved to watch the boats and ships sail by on San Francisco Bay, hence the elegant cupola that tops off the princely design of his home.

Photo © 2006 by Daniella Thompson

Photographer, writer, architectural historian, music historian and critic, editor, and webmaster Daniella Thompson has captured this inviting façade in crisp midday ligh

Al Young

Al’s freshly pruned date palm flourishes | August 2011

Photo © Doug McKechnie

Al Young and singer-guitarist Marc Silber — whose friendship dates back to college and the 1950s — take in a last Tuesday night in August performance by the Randy Craig Quartet at Berkeley’s popular Caffè Trieste | August 2011

A Kindness 0f Strangers photo

Suffering recent personal losses, Persis Ka and Al Young have lunched, commiserated, and now smile at how long their student-teacher friendship has lasted. The chilliness of this year’s San Francisco Bay Area summer discouraged them both from planting their customary tomatoes.| July 2011

Al Young

The Palo Alto Duck Pond | July 2011

Al Young

Writers Michael Young and Al Young revisit the Palo Alto Baylands, a favorite family stop since Michael’s toddler days. | July 2011

Al Young

Why so windy at the marshy Baylands pier, Palo Alto? | July 2011

© Vivian Torrence

Vivian’s garden rabbit; Columbus, North Carolina | June 2011

Photos: O.O. Gabugah

Al Young on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, Michigan. Still in love with the Nissan Cube he’s driven for ten days, he must now return the updated model-T to its rental car lot at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport | Late June 2011