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Photographer Raymond Holbert’s MEMORYBANQUE Treasury




The Website of Raymond Holbert

“Having had the pleasure of meeting and posing for Bay Area photographer Ray Holbert often through the years, I wasn’t surprised when he greeted me of a Saturday afternoon in Berkeley’s self-anointed Gourmet Gulch as I stepped out from a corner produce store. ‘Al,’ he said, ‘I’m doing a series on gray-haired people. Would you mind if I took some shots of you?’ Of course it was one of those days when I felt altogether unphotographable. But — given my penchant for improvisation and clinging to the now-moment — I naturally said yes. Later, when I visited Ray’s site to look at the lovingly captured portraits and images of his Professional Photographic Projects (Face Fashion, My Shoe and Foot Fetish, The Gray Hair Series, The Red Hair Series, Brown and Tan Blondes, Black and White; the range of his projects and passions grows), I realized I hadn’t seen anything yet. My heart warmed up the last lines of “Old Light,” a very old poem of mine: ‘The passing of time’ll shatter your heart / & light the photographer’s hour.’ In a world overwhelmed by visual and graphic imagery, Ray Holbert’s pictures sparkle and sing.”
— Al Young


Watch Ditching the Dye, a KCBS/5 video based on Holbert’s Gray Hair Series

The Gray Hair Series of individuals you see here is an ambition to include as many variations that I can conveniently find of this regal and honest indicator of time that can show as grace, style, sophistication, class and age. Beauty is expressed in all kinds of ways and at all ages. I hope that these images indicate that. I continue to learn as I photograph the subjects with a lot of anecdotes and information that have helped me to learn more as I photograph members of this huge segment of the American population. Gray hair is not really gray but a variation of several shades of a gray spectrum as well as silver, platinum, smoke, metallic, bronze and golden grays. There is no set pattern that is absolute to the graying of the world. The loss of pigment in the hair follicle can take place as early as the teenage years and some hardly show a touch of gray at their latest years. This contradicts the idea of one gray generation.”
— Raymond Holbert


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  1. Claudette Says:

    Hello, Raymond, sorry to be a bit slow in getting back to you. It was great to meet you I want to thank you for taking my picture at the gallery the other evening. Your work is lovely and I would be proud to be part of the gray hair series.

    Best regards,

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