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POET WRANGLER: Droll Poems | Marvin R. Hiemstra | New from Two Harbors Press


  Philip Lewenthal

“My last muse ran off with a monosyllabic hottie from downtown Omaha. Yikes!”
— Marvin R. Hiemstra (from “How to Choose a Muse”)

  © Mark Hotchkiss

droll poems

Marvin R. Hiemstra

Paperback, 65 pages, $15.95 U.S.
ISBN-13: 978-1-937928-46-9
LCCN: 2012934429

Distributed by Itasca Books

Two Harbors Press
212 Third Avenue North, Suite 290
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401


Marvin R. Hiemstra is Mr. Po-Jangles: “coupleting like crazy” and “poeming up a free verse storm.” Not only is his latest book, Poet Wrangler, a delicious poetic treat, it contains more seeds of wit and profundity than most poets sow in a lifetime. He is our 21st Century Whitman, blowing “tenderly in the ear of the Universe.” The song of his irresistible self sings to the poet in us all.  — David Alpaugh

 Can you think of another living poet capable of a line like “My fly is an inside out quick thinking twist”? He is referencing fishing, but, like Shakespeare, Hiemstra un-derstands that “play” is an aspect of la poesie, but don’t let the foolscap fool you: he is as serious as the Ancient Mariner and as light-hearted and lyrical as Shelley’s skylark. His subject is the everything at the heart of anything—which is to say, ecstatic mind. “My studio door opens / on a vast, shimmering pond”; “I wink at Ganesh, / Ganesh winks back.” — Jack Foley

 Hiemstra has a style unlike anyone, and that style shines. Jane Green

 I can’t think of anyone writing today who gets a bigger kick out of poking fun at literary pomposity and pretension than Marvin R. Hiemstra. “Tell Them You Are in Rehab” begins with “Ten easy steps to a poetry free life.” Another poem, “Best Compliment Ever,” concludes: “A blissful homeless person staggers up to me / from behind the Wall Street Journal rack / and whispers, ‘Hey, man! I like your shirt.”‘ The title, Poet Wrangler, suggests the flavors and spirit of this rollicking read.  — Al Young

 It’s the laughing and thinking at the same time that I love. — Kate McDonald

© Mark Hotchkiss


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