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CANARY #17 (Summer 2012): A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis


Carol White

A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis

Editor, Gail Entrekin

Published by Hip Pocket Press
Managing Editor, Charles Entrekin
Art Editor, Carol White

All work reprinted by permission of authors

This Summer Solstice issue of Canary is the largest we have ever produced.  It’s fat with good reading for your summer leisure time, which I hope will be abundant.  Enjoy!

“With each passing day, the strategy of environmental exploitation that characterizes the 20th century is reaching an end of its natural life.  We are in the early stages of a transition from an attitude that, in (economist) Herman Daly’s felicitous phrase, ‘treats the Earth like a business in liquidation’ to one that is committed to preserving the planet’s ‘natural capital. ….. If we want a high quality of life for ourselves and future generations — a high quality of life in all of its senses — we cannot continue to degrade the quality of the natural systems of which we are a part.”

— Carl Frankel (Sustainability Expert)

Issue Number 17, Summer 2012

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