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for Peter Zimmels

Republicans: You’re poor because
you’re ignorant of all the laws
our Congress passed to cut the costs
of schooling children who get tossed,
nay, dumped upon society.
While we do view with piety
the right to life, we draw the line.
Clean up your act. To woo or wine
the loser class does not make sense.
Let’s get this straight. We never winced
at taking public time to quarrel
with victims, thugs, the huge immoral
segment of the population
in our great, God-blessed, rich, free nation.

The Democrats: There was a time
the GOP and all its crime
got barely covered by the news,
which only aired our sins and blues.
What have they done for you, my friends?
Is making do or making ends
meet any measure of success?
We back the same Big Business mess
they do, but when we tighten your belt

we dig up Franklin Roosevelt.
We’ve given you prosperity
without their stark severity.
The only thing we have to fear?—
Republicans. Now, is that clear?

A Citizen: More parties, please,
more Sundays in democracies!
Each party dances, each side sings
;?one great Big Bird with two right wings.
They’ll boogie with you in the streets,
then drag you down to dark defeats.
Democracy? Look at our heroes:
CEO’s billions, labor’s zeroes—
pure DNA, unspliced and spliced.
If you think oil is over-priced,
consider what we’re going to pay
for giving frequencies away —
the broadcast band. I say let’s vote.
Let’s kick some butt, let’s rock some boat.

© 2001, 2007. 2012 Al Young


When firms pay CEOs more than Uncle Sam,
the tax system is broken

Corporations lobbied hard for their tax breaks and loopholes — which they enjoy at other taxpayers’ expense. It’s time for reforms.

© Munshi Ahmed /  Bloomberg
Citigroup Chief Executive Vikram Pandit raked in $14.9 million last year while his company received a $144-million tax refund.

By David Lazarus
Los Angeles Times | Business
August 28, 2012

Twenty-five of the 100 highest-paid U.S. chief executives pocketed more in pay last year than their companies paid in federal income taxes.

I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of stat that really gets my bacon sizzling — yet more evidence of how the 1% live in a bizarro parallel universe where the normal rules don’t apply …

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© 2012 L.A.


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