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Tests show levels of arsenic in US rice (Voice of America)


Zulima Palacio
September 21, 2012
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Preliminary results of a large study by the U.S. government and research by a non-profit organization show measurable amounts of arsenic in samples of rice and rice products for sale in U.S. markets. One form of the chemical, inorganic arsenic, is a known human carcinogen. While the private study cautions that people should limit their consumption of rice products, government scientists say they are making no recommendations until their study is complete, sometime next year.

Two hundred different types of rice and rice products tested by both the non-profit research group, Consumer Reports, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA], contained varying levels of different forms of arsenic. Michael Taylor is the Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA.

“Arsenic is a substance that nobody wants in food, but we are confident that at the levels that we are seeing, there is no immediate safety concern. People should continue eating rice,” said Taylor.

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  1. Barbara J. Tierney Says:

    Thanks for the link…..I have coconut, cow’s, and rice milk in the fridge…..Guess which one I just threw out? My Dad, a chemical engineer, always stressed that we were all just a conglomeration of chemicals. I guess the secret is : which chemicals tend to blend and harmonize to create good health………….come to think of it….that’s pretty much the secret to just about everyting, right?

  2. Barbara J. Tierney Says:

    Just about everything………

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