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DMQ Review (Edited by Sally Ashton) | Summer 2012


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DMQ Review

Summer 2012

Editor-in-Chief: Sally Ashton
Editor: Marjorie Manwaring

Table of Contents


Portrait of a Woman in Kitchen   Danielle Jones-Pruett
The Metaphysics of Hitchhiking    Greg Hewett
The Night Kitchen   Brandel France de Bravo
The Senator    Lisa Hiton
Roughly Every 833,000 Years,     Martha Silano
After Revelation Ryan Mattern
Sappho, Decoded    Christine Clarke
Two Poems  James Reidel
Two Poems   T. Zachary Cotler
Dear graph paper   Alice George
Two Poems    Anhvu Buchanan
Decrescendo, the Music’s Growing Cold
……Joannie Stangeland
Two Poems    W. Todd Kaneko

Featured Poet

Molly Peacock


From the Ether    Dean Rader, Editor

From the Archives   Erin A. Thomas, February 2003 Issue

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