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WITH TOPLESS PROTESTS, SEXTREMISTS MARCH IN PARIS (Eleanor Beardsley, “All Things Considered”)

Friday, October 19th, 2012


“‘Binders full of women,’ indeed!”

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  François Mori/AP
French policemen on Oct. 15 detain topless activists from the group Femen who  are protesting the verdict in a gang rape trial. The group was established in Ukraine but is now setting up an office in Paris.
October 19, 2012
©2012 NPR

Sometimes, less is more.

That’s certainly the thinking of the Ukrainian feminist movement Femen, best known for its bare-breasted protests in its home country. Now it has brought its self-described “sextremism” to Paris, opening its first international training camp and wasting no time attracting new recruits, causes and attention.

On a recent sunny morning, seven young women stride purposefully toward the stone façade of France’s Justice Ministry. Suddenly they throw their coats to the ground. Slogans are painted across their bare bosoms; garlands decorate their hair

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  Listen to Eleanor Beardsley’s report at All Things Considered | October 19, 2012

Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images
Topless activists from Femen protest a court ruling that acquitted 10 of 14 men accused of repeatedly gang-raping two teenagers in a Paris suburb.

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Saturday, October 13th, 2012


  Listen to Al Young read “Octobering” at KQED’s ‘The California Report’



Bring on October; savor the light.
Ring in the yellowing, ring in the red,
bring up the darkening, dial down the bright.
Give up green trees gone blonde in the head.

Bring on Pacifica, bring on Palm Springs,
bring on Tehachapi, bring on Chester.
Roll out the Gravensteins, bring on sweet things
October brings in. Hey, ripener, tester

of yesterday’s pumpkins, this morning’s kale!
Who are you, October, that turnips turn sweet
in your cooling silence the color of ale?
Who counts you in with her vivid back-beats?

Bring on Olvera Street, bring on la calle,
bring on curled chiles: red, sea-dark, gold.
Roll out a moon-licked, wee hours highway;
all the slow loving a belly can hold.

Bring on the wine country’s Napa-Sonoma,
now in the pick and the crush of its fruit.
Let future pop art at chic SF MOMA
out-Steinbeck time’s 99 to 1 truth.

Bring the soft snore of another year waking
sweat-wet from chapters of unfinished dreams.
Bring on October, bring on the taking
of light and dumb time; life’s stitches and seams.

© Al Young 2012