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RICHARD BLANCO: President Obama’s 2013 Inaugural Poet congratulates Richard Blanco: President Obama’s 2013 Inaugural Poet



Craig Dilger for The New York Times

Poet’s Kinship with the President


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WASHINGTON — From the moment Barack Obama burst onto the political scene, the poet Richard Blanco, a son of Cuban exiles, says he felt “a spiritual connection” with the man who would become the nation’s 44th president.

Like Mr. Obama, who chronicled his multicultural upbringing in a best-selling autobiography, Dreams From My Father, Mr. Blanco has been on a quest for personal identity through the written word. He said his affinity for Mr. Obama springs from his own feeling of straddling different worlds; he is Latino and gay (and worked as a civil engineer while pursuing poetry). His poems are laden with longing for the sights and smells of the land his parents left behind ….

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“Maine-based Richard Blanco chosen as 2013 Inauguration Poet” | Emily Burnham | Culture Shock, January 9, 2013

“‘One Todayhas some fine lines, but writing good poetry for a grand national celebration is an impossible feat”
— U.K. Guardian | 22 January 2013

vidcamera003 Richard Blanco reads ‘One Today,’ his 69-line inaugural poem


vidcamera0031 Watch and listen to Richard Blanco read and speak about his poetry

Nico Tucci/Courtesy of Richard Blanco

Poems by Richard Blanco

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