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DOPPELGÄNGERS: Photographer François Brunelle’s Gallery of Look-Alikes


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audio icon Listen to ‘Have We Met Before?’– the story of Québec photographer François Brunelle’s ‘Look-Alikes’ project
© 2013 NPR | ‘All Things Considered’

Rudi Kistler Maurus Oehmann  © François Brunelle

Rudi Kistler and Maurus Oehmann | Mannheim, Germany 2012

(Projêt Je ne suis pas un sosie!)

I’m not a look-alike! is a project  to make 200 photos of couples or look-alikes (doubles, doppelgängers) around the world and to create an international exhibit and a book with them. The photos are in black and white.

Look-A-Likes Donmar Wms & Martine Chase
© François Brunelle

Donmar Williams and Martine Chase | Weehawken, NJ USA 2011


Corinne Barois Elisa Berst
© François Brunelle

Elisa Berst and Corinne Barois | Paris, France 2010


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button ff François Brunelle interviewed at CBC Television



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