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AWAY, AWAY, AWAY: In Memory of Ann McIntosh, Robert Chrisman, Gabriele Rico, Chinua Achebe


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“… When you brush your teeth, the water just goes away. And nobody really thinks about where ‘away’ is, but that’s where I work—where ‘away’ is.
— Ingrid Hellebrand,

Orange County Sanitation District
(Broadcast on PRI’s “Living On Earth” in 2008)

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Trout Fishing Near American Cities cvr

ANN LOWE McINTOSH (1940-2013), author, fly-fishing authority, documentary filmmaker, cable broadcast executive, arts philanthropist, friend since Al Young and Janet Coleman‘s University of Michigan days


Robert Chrisman classicdirtyWars

ROBERT CHRISMAN (1937-2013), poet and co-founding editor of The Black Scholar


Gabriele Rico  writing the natural way cvr

GABRIELE RICO (1937-2013), author, anthologist, Professor of English and Creative Arts, San José State University

“Gabriele the Natural Way” | A poem by Al Young in memory of his friend and former student at Stanford


Chinua-Achebe  ThingsFallApart

CHINUA ACHEBE (1930-2013), Nigerian-born novelist, essayist, publisher, professor


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