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SHADOWS OF LIBERTY | a documentary film by Jean-Phillipe Tremblay



In this powerful film, director Jean-Philippe Tremblay exposes the extraordinary truth behind American mainstream media: censorship, cover-ups, and corporate control. It has been shown at the top film festivals around the world throughout the past several years, yet Link TV’s screening was the first time it was publicly shown in the United States. While American film festivals and media outlets shrunk away from this controversial topic, Link TV could not be more proud to air it.

Shadows of Liberty is airing on KCET and Link TV regularly, and is currently available free online at 

After the screening, we live-streamed a panel discussion about the film moderated by Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman and featuring Tremblay, media critic Norman Solomon, and professor Robert McChesney, all featured in the documentary. The film highlights the crucial need to reform the American media system, and stresses the fact that a functioning media is necessary for a vital democracy.

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