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FRUITVALE STATION’s Ryan Coogler and Mary Mackey, His Proud Screenwriting Teacher


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Christine Schofelt’s review of Fruitvale Station at World Socialist Web Site (31 July 2013)

Ryan Coogler talks ‘Fruitvale Station’ at the 2013 Sundance Festival

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Best Movie at Sundance

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As a Professor of Film and Creative Writing at CSU, Sacramento, I had the pleasure of teaching Ryan Coogler (director of “Fruitvale Station”) how to write his first film script. Coogler was a sophomore when he walked into my office and asked to be admitted to my advanced script writing course. He didn’t have the prerequisites and playing football was taking up almost all of his free time, but there was no way I could say “no.” He was clearly brilliant, dedicated, and on fire with important ideas about social justice that he was eager to explore in his films. Coogler is a great example of the opportunities the CSU system can offer. He’s a reminder of the rewards we California taxpayers receive for the money we spend on education and why we need to keep a college education affordable and open to everyone.

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