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WAYS TO STAY AMAZED ~ A Birthday Poem for Susan Duhan Felix


Al & Susan Duhan Felix at Heyday Books

Ceramic artist Susan Duhan Felix (Berkeley’s Art Ambassador) at Heyday Books on Al Young Day, February 5, 2013



 for Susan Duhan Felix

Must birthday toasts state always, “Here’s to you”?
Consider how the woman and the man
whose love and sperm and egg conjoined to issue
a shining daughter; light on water. Stand
back. Picture yourself pulled along two trails
that weave and duck, then twist-turn artfully.

 Imagine how our biosphere emails
us messages. Now only partially
eclipses Then. Does Happy Birthday mean
you’ve risked another round, so now you rest?

 Consider origins, consider clean,
fresh starts, blank slates. remakes, the breathing past.
This you, this I – crocuses flowered from mud.
Let light amaze, let beauty feed your blood.

 © Al Young


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