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Al Young Breaks Free in HD at the 2010 Watershed Festival


AY 3D Watershed
The quickie 3-minute version

Al Young ‘Live’

California’s poet laureate emeritus reads, recites, croons and sings him some poetry and blues with Barry Finnerty’s Jazz Roots Trio at Berkeley’s 2010 Watershed Festival | October 7, 2010

The full 22-minute set

AY Breaks Free Wastershed 2010
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Published on Sep 5, 2013

“I have part of this in higher definition on this site. This is fairly high defintition. Al Young was a while back awarded poet laureate of California.”John Rhodes (poet-videographer who filmed this 22-minute set in HD)


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  1. Barbara J. Tierney Says:

    and with the arts poeticas a rainy Saturday goes out and welcomes a thirsty October…..a favorite of yours , never one to frequent the four seasons and I am still celebrating the leaves of September with a family birthday, Kunitz’s ‘End of Summer’, my own poetry and always looking forward to the energy of your musical voice and something that is forever singing the blues.

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