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AWP Seattle 2014
(Association of Writers and Writing Programs)

Flying Home AWP Seattle 2014 

Al & Cassandra SeaTac 2014

Winging it home to San Francisco, Al Young responds to poet Cassandra Dallett‘s magnetic stare at Seattle-Tacoma Airport’s Virgin America concourse. Both writers attended AWP (Associated Writing Programs) Seattle. [1 March 2014]

CC Folk Late Nite Daily Grill Sheraton AWP Seattle 2014 Daily Grill

[L-R] Al Young, Toi Derricotte, Sarah Micklem, Cornelius Eady, and Allison Meyers linger late at Sheraton’s Daily Grill of a chilled Friday night | AWP Seattle 2014

AWP Al & Erin by Jenny
Photo: Jenny Goldsmith

Al Young and MFA in Writing grad Erin Ginder-Shaw reunite at California College of the Arts’ Friday night gathering at Seattle AWP.

AY w: Colleen &
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Al Young, Colleen J. McElroy, Amanda Johnston at AWP Seattle, about to convene for a Friday noon panel was devoted to celebrating McElroy’s achievements as a writer, teacher and the innovative editor of Seattle Review.

F186 A Tribute to and Celebration of Colleen J. McElroy

Room 612, Washington State Convention Center, Level 6
Friday, February 28, 2014
12:00 pm to 1:15 pm

Colleen J. McElroy is a speech pathologist, poet, memoirist, playwright, editor, mentor, professor, and globetrotter extraordinaire. For more than thirty years, she taught at the University of Washington and served as the editor-in-chief of the Seattle Review from 1995 – 2006. The panelists, former colleagues, students, and friends, celebrated her legacy, mentorship, and contributions to the world of literature. Following a series of tributes, Professor McElroy shared some of her work.
Outisde Room 608 AWP_2
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[L-R] Marisis Nelson, Madeleine Grieves, Remica L. Bingham, Colleen J. McElroy, Al Young, Frances Hughes, Laurie Connor, Adrian Matejka



 Alive with memories of 1982, when he guest-taught at the University of Washington and with his family lived in Seattle, Al Young pays yet another nostalgic visit to the popular Pike Place Market.

David & Erin SFO 26Feb2014
Al Young

David Morini (Manager of California College of the Arts‘ MFA in Writing and MFA in Comics Programs) jokes with recent grad Erin Ginder-Shaw about the lateness of our Virgin American flight from SFO to AWP Seattle — and other stuff.



LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka in memoriam

Catherine 1
Al Young

Ben Batu and Albany Library’s Second Tuesdays poetry series producer Catherine Taylor at the February UC Berkeley memorial for Amiri Baraka.



Wanda L.A. Times Al Young

‘A Weekend of Tributes’ to poet Wanda Coleman


AY Valona Deli 12Jan14 Photos: Maria Rosales

Connie Post Al Young Valona Deli 12Jan14

Connie Post, Livermore’s poet laureate emerita and author of Floodwater, hosts featured readerAl Young at the Second Sunday Readings Series she produces at the popular Valona Deli in Crockett, CA, where trumpet legend Chet Baker used to sometimes hang and play. Co-owner Terry Henry, a delectable pianist, leads a sparkling jazz trio that boasts bassist Steve Webber and drummer and jazz-thriller novelist Bill Moody. | magnifying_glass_icon

 Xmas Wreath

prez xmas 2013  Maria Syndicus

Prez Tree 2013

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Al & Marc by Carl French Hotel  Carl Martineau

Al Young and songster Marc Silber in full Winter Solstice mode at Berkeley’s French Hotel CafĂ© | December 2013

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Michael Young @ City Lights Dec 2013
© City Lights Booksellers & Publishers

Michael Young poses for the Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem-inscribed T-shirt that reads: “We were born / under the mulberry trees / from which drop / the mynah birds / of madness.”


NCNC | North Carolina November Coyote photographed by Vivian Torrence

Coyote November 2 VT

Coyote November 1 VT
38px-Speaker_Icon.svgListen to Vivian Torrence and Nobel Chemist Roald Hoffman talk with Ann Strainchamps of To the Best of Our Knowledge about their Chemistry Imagined: Connecting Art & Science project at the September 2013 Wisconsin Science Festival
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Sculpted Carrot Oct 2013 Al Young 
ming's davidson nc

Sculpted carrot carried all the way home to Berkeley from Ming’s Bistro in Davidson, NC.  | October 2013


PETE ENGELHART: Musician & Metal Percussion Craftsman

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Blue Pete's Grafitti

Blue @ Pete's

Pete Englehart at Work

 Pete at work

Al & Pete late 2013

Al and pianist and metal percussion instrument maker Pete Engelhart, friends since 1962.


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