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Photo: Massiel Valenzuela

To onstage poet Erica Goss and to a lively midday audience, Al Young kicks off the 2014 Legacy of Poetry Day at San JosĂ© State University. Eager town and campus residents gathered at King Library’s Caret Plaza to celebrate the early 20th century presences at SJSU of bestselling poet Edwin Markham (“The Man with a Hoe“) and poet-professor Henry Meade Bland. Later Al and an expansive spectrum of poets  paid tribute to  the late Wanda Coleman. The whole afternoon went luminous.


Al & Sally April 2014 by Massiel Valenzuela_2
Photo: Massiel Valenzuela

SJSU Poetry Legacy Day reunites two former poets laureate: Santa Clara County’s Sally Ashton and California’s Al Young. That’s participating poet-prof Samuel Maio up behind Al and an SJSU videographer faithful behind Sally.


Richard Alan Andy Pam Al Joyce Forrest Noah Moe's 2014 Moe’s Books

Richard Silberg, Alan Soldofsky, Andy Ross, architect Pamela (Soldofsky), Al Young, Joyce Jenkins, Forrest Hamer, Noah Blaustein | Moe’s Books, Berkeley, April 24, 2014


Alan at Moe's
Al Young

 Literary agent Andy Ross (formerly Cody’s Books), button campoet Alan Soldofsky , poet-producer Joyce Jenkins | Moe’s Books, Berkeley, April 24, 2014

Al Naomi Willie Marian WSU 2014

Poets Al Young and Naomi Long Madgett, genius guest performer Willie TBA, and bassist Marian Hayden at Wayne State University’s 2014 Poetry Month Celebration | Detroit, April 2014


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