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May 19, 2014

to alyoung

Thank you very much for contacting us about the ongoing Open Internet proceeding. We’re hoping to hear from as many people as possible about this critical issue, and so I’m very glad that we can include your thoughts and opinions.

I’m a strong supporter of the Open Internet, and I will fight to keep the internet open. Thanks again for sharing your views with me.

Tom Wheeler
Federal Communications Commission


——-  Original Message  ——-
Subject:   Jurisdiction over the FCC and Net neutrality

To Chairman Tom Wheeler and the FCC Commissioners––––

As a concerned citizen, I am writing to urge the Federal Communications Commission to protect Net neutrality and drop the proposed “pay-to-play” rule which would allow corporations and ISPs to implement paid prioritization.

The internet is essential to American business, innovation, and democracy. As such, Net neutrality principles must be protected. Please protect the open internet, scrap paid prioritization, and reclassify the internet as a telecommunications service to ensure Net neutrality.

Al Young,
California Poet Laureate Emeritus


Amid protests, U.S. FCC proposes new ‘net neutrality’ rules | Reuters

Rally to Save Internet

On May 15, 2014, at the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, D.C., hundreds of Net Neutrality supporters protested the FCC’s proposed rules that would kill the open Internet.

Find out more about this historic day and how you can get involved in the fight for Net Neutrality at


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