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Defiant Journalist WILLIAM WORTHY (July 7, 1921 – May 4, 2014) | in memoriam


open quotesWe see only what is already in our eye. We learn only what we are already inwardly prepared to accept.
— William Worthy

william worthy
Photo: Walter Lippmann

open quotesFor this generation of younger journalists who are coming of age in the era of the Edward Snowden documents, WikiLeaks, of the government surveillance on the metadata of journalists and many millions of people in this country and around the world, I would say that William Worthy is the single most important journalist that they’ve never heard of. If Bill Worthy was a white journalist, and not been an African-American journalist, he would be much better known than he is right now.
—  Jeremy Scahill, investigative journalist, who considered Worthy a mentor.

Wm Worthy & Wm Kunstler
AP Photo/Bob Goldberg

In this April 16, 1964 file photo, newsman William Worthy, 42, left, and attorney William Kunstler hold an application for new passport and the $10 it cost Worthy to file it at the U.S. passport office in New York. Worthy, a foreign correspondent who defied travel bans to Cold War adversaries of the United States, died May 4, 2014, in Brewster, Mass., according to the The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. He was 92.

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