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CHARLES WRIGHT: The new U.S. poet laureate


Charles Wright on Poetry as ‘A Reason for Living’

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Who Is Charles Wright, the New Poet Laureate?

The Library of Congress announced today [Thursday, June 12, 2014] that Charles Wright will be the next Poet Laureate, kicking off his tenure with a September 25th reading of his work

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Charles Wright
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The older we get, the deeper we dig into our childhoods,
Hoping to find the radiant cell
That washed us, and caused our lives
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxto glow in the dark like clock hands
Endlessly turning toward the future,
Tomorrow, day after tomorrow, the day after that,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxall golden, all in good time.

© Charles Wright
An excerpt of “Archeology” from  Nothing to Say & Saying It (2006)


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New Poet Laureate: ‘The Meaning Has Always Stayed The Same’

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What Does a Poet Laureate Do, Anyway?

On Thursday, the Library of Congress named poet Charles Wright the country’s 20th Poet Laureate. Mr. Wright, 78, has received the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award for his past work. Reached by phone in Charlottesville, VA, where he said he was “just about to be attacked by a huge thunderstorm,” he spoke about his plans for the new position, his summer retreat in Montana, and Ezra Pound

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“I saw and read a lot of Charles Wright during the years he and I served on the Associated Writing Progams’ board of directors. As the 1970s faded into the early 1980s, I worked in Hollywood, writing and rewriting scripts. Reading Charles’ poetry alongside the lyrical prose of another Charles Wright — the late African American novelist and Village Voice essayist — I began to sense the intimate relationship poetry and screenwriting share. The screenplay is indeed a lyric form. The poetic novels of Charles Wright and much of the new U.S. poet laureate’s work read like scripts waiting for creative filmmakers.”
— Al Young

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The novelist Charles Wright


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The Art of Poetry #41

Interviewed by J.D. McClatchy


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