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BOBBY WOMACK (March 4, 1944 – June 27, 2014) | in memoriam


“I was used to basically working by myself, answering to myself,” Womack explained, and this independent streak made him both successful and destructive in equal measure. In the early 1970’s, Womack had a creative hot streak – the title track to the Womack-penned 1970 blaxploitation movie soundtrack Across 110th Street ranks among his finest work; his slow-grooving crossover hits during this period included ‘That’s The Way I Feel About Cha’ and ‘Woman’s Gotta Have It.”’
–Womack to TIME, days before his death


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She’s tellin’ me about the things that her girlfriend’s got

What she ain’t got and she wants me to go out and get ’em
xxxfor her

But, girl, I can’t be in two places at one time
— ‘If You Think You’re Lonely Now’;
© Bobby Womack, Patrick Moten, Sandra Sully
© 2013 Danny E. Martindale / Getty Images  | Bobby Womack at the July 5, 2013 Roskilde Festival, Denmark

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38px-Speaker_Icon.svgACROSS 110th STREET — the featured Bobby Womack soundtrack
vidcamera003‘ACROSS 110th STREET’
— the full movie


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