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TED JOANS LIVES!: A Film Documentary by Tom Knoff and Kurt Hemmer


David Amram & Ted Joans: Improvised Scat Vocals

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Ted Joans Lives! is a visual and aural collage by Kurt Hemmer and Tom Knoff examining the life and works of the legendary, tri-continental poet Ted Joans, who was born in Cairo, Illinois on 4 July 1928 and went on to become one of the significant poets of his generation performing his work in the United States, Europe, and Africa. The film has the sound of jazz and the flavor of surrealism. As Ted Joans declared, “Jazz is my religion and Surrealism is my point of view.”

Official Selection of the 2013 Langston Hughes Film Festival.
Honorable Mention/The Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival.
Aurora Award/Platinum Best of Show/2011.
Berkeley Film and Video


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