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prez tree 2014 © Maria Syndicus

Prez Xmas tree lit up
(Downtown Palo Alto, CA


World War One in Photos: One Century Later

Verdun 2014

Reuters/Vincent Kessler

Trees stand where the village of Fleury once stood, near Verdun, on March 5, 2014. A hundred years after the guns fell silent in World War One, nine villages wiped out by fighting on France’s bloodiest battleground continue to lead a ghostly existence. Their names still appear on maps and in government records. Mayors representing them are designated by local authorities. But most of the streets, shops, houses and people who once lived around the French army stronghold of Verdun are gone.



Spiderwalk at Dawn
© Al Young

A toast to the spider-walk and sundeck in shadow silhouette


Al Michael Arl edit by Hannah Xmas 2014
Photo: Hannah Kelly

Al Young, Michael Young, Arline Young | The Holidays 2013



Talking Turkey

turkey group rszd © Vivian Torrence

Artist Vivian Torrence‘s “Turkey Choir” photographed “live” in North Carolina. We forget that big-breasted Butterball turkeys raised in dense concentration can’t even walk. Vegan or omnivore, you’re looking here at the real thing: the wild heritage bird.

dover fronds


In a pinch, the pepper, the salt, the savory
way gravies grace potatoes mashed or smashed

Cornbread dressing while you stuffing your Face-
book Timeline with pictures & pictures of juice 

Turkey or turnkey? What was the question?
Turn her loose, or lock him up. Food sets the mood.

Thanksgiving Adam & Thanksgiving Eve leave
thanks up for grabs. In a pinch, the pepper, the salt.

© 2014 Al Young
Haslam Turkeys  © Janice Haslam

“These wild turkeys are dancing in our front yard today because the California turkey hunting season ended on Nov. 24th.”
— Fondly, Gerry & Jan


Turkey Day Tom Gauld NYer 2Dec2014
© 2013 Tom Gauld | The New Yorker



Al @ Carole Harris Studio Detroit 2014

Photo: Melba Boyd

Al Young visits textile artist Carole Harris‘ studio | Detroit, 2014


DogWalker Berkeley Marina Al Young

Dog-Walker | Berkeley, CA Marina


38px-Speaker_Icon.svgRIGHT PLACE WRONG TIME
(Dr. John, the Night Tripper)

Tennessee's Hummingbird © Tennessee Reed

“Shows you what happens when you are in the right place at the right time. These birds are hard to get photos of because they are so fast. But I managed to get a photo of this one.”
Tennessee Reed


Caroline Goodwin
© Lacy Atkins /SF Chronicle

Caroline Goodwin, poet laureate of San Mateo County

Lakiba AY Kalamu Chache 30 0ct2014

Belmont Library

Lakiba Pittman, Al Young and Kalamu ChachĂ© grab a photo-op following an inspiring evening of poetry from grade school, high school and adult winners of a county-wide competition sponsored by Poetry Is. Caroline Goodwin, San Mateo County’s poet laureate, envisioned, organized and carries out this program with help from the Belmont Public Library.


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Al @ Watershed 2014 by Mary-Marcia Casoly Mary-Marcia Casoly

Al Young at the 19th Watershed Eco-Poetry Festival reads and sings with the Barry Finnerty Trio | Berkeley, September 27, 2014

Mary-Marcia Casoly wrote at Facebook: “Al Young was cool and Spot On: really appreciated what he had to say about Denise Levertov and prompting us to [generate fresh] language to speak up and do for our struggling environment” — at Watershed Eco-Poetry Festival, 27 September 2014. Produced byJoyce Jenkins and Mark Baldridge

Al & Akira 2014

Jazz drummer Akira Tana and Al Young | Watershed Festival 2014



Summer Equinox chez moi

Red chile peppers and orchid sleek for the sly Autumn Equinox


My dentist's tree

My dentist’s tree in Piedmont, CA

 Photos: Al Young


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