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Saturday, January 3rd, 2015


Mark Al Dan Bert 2March 2015

Luncheon reunion, 2 March 2015
Berkeley Marina
L-R: Mark Cohen, Al Young, Dan Slobin, Bert Pohl
(Photo: Mark Cohen)
Picture a foursome of (1) an ophthalmologist, (2) a poet, (3) a psycholinguist, (4) a nuclear physicist; chemistry lab mates. At playground’s edge — waiting to get called up to fill a needed baseball, soccer or football slot — we’d bunch by ourselves to talk ideas, concepts or books we were reading. Since then, nothing has changed except the speed of the go-go, ongoing, money-drunk world. It was physicist Bert Pohl’s passion for science fiction and the social ideas behind Orwell’s, Heinlein’s and Asimov’s storytelling that nudged me into the liberal arts.


Full Moon TN Reed Early Feb 2015
Full Moon
(Photo: Tennessee Reed,
Early February 2015)

“>Rebekah in Amish Country 2015

Rebekah Presson Mosby |In Amish Country’ (Pennsylvania, 2015)

Snow Here in Somerville Wyn Cooper

“Just a little snow here in Somerville” (Massachusetts 2015)
© Wyn Cooper


Walks Winter Tennessee Reed 24Jan15

‘Walks Winter’ © Tennessee Reed (2015)


Favorite Part of Winter©


Westminster Winter SLC Feb 2014 2014

Westminster College, Salt Lake City (Photo: Al Young)



DMQ REVIEW | Autumn 2014 | Sally Ashton, Editor

Friday, January 2nd, 2015



DMQ Fall 2014

Featured Poet

Marge Piercy


From the Ether    Sally Ashton, Editor-In-Chief

From the Archives    Tracy Brimhall, May 2007 Issue

Visuals by
Audrey Heller

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 Sally Ashton Los Gatos

Poet Laureate of Santa Clara County Emerita, Sally Ashton,
at the release of the
anthology, Song of Los Gatos: Poems of the Gem City, edited by Parthenia Hicks.

The DMQ Review is pleased to announce the release of the Fall 2014 issue featuring the poetry of Arlene Ang, John Davis, Amorak Huey, Kasia Juno, Lillian Kwok, Simone Muench/Dear Rader, Matt W. Miller, Tanya Muzumdar, Wendy Neale, Katherine Riegel, T.J. Sandella, and Rebecca van Laer, with artwork by Audrey Heller.

In collaboration with Peter Davis, editor of Poet’s Bookshelf: Contemporary Poets On Books That Shaped Their Art, Volumes I & II, the DMQ Review is also pleased to present the Bookshelf essay of Marge Piercy as our “Featured Poet.”